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Full-Service Promotional Products for Baton Rouge Businesses

Develop a Strong Brand Identity

Catapult Creative Media might be the experts in digital marketing, but we’re no one-trick pony. We offer solutions in other key ways to market a Baton Rouge business: promotional products. Whether a pen with really good ink or a coffee mug that makes you smile, promotional products are powerful reminders of your brand and the top-notch products/services you provide. Create a connection with your business by giving consumers or employees a promotional product that is useful.

Our promotional items for businesses create a stronger brand identity. With your business’s name, logo, and a way to get in touch on those promotional products, your customers will keep your name in mind. Contact Catapult today to discuss the promotional products your Baton Rouge business could use.

Custom Promotional Products for Baton Rouge Businesses

Get high-quality materials that stand the test of time and can be reused over and over again, so you stay top-of-mind. When you choose Catapult in Baton Rouge for promotional products, you can shop confidently because our hand-selected promotional products are made to last. We want you to have the best, so we test out the products before selling them to our clients.
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In addition, when you order promotional products through us, our graphic designers spot-check your logo and information for clarity and position. You also get a proof, so you know what you’re getting and exactly how it looks before committing to printing. Don’t have a logo, or just find yours outdated? Get in touch with an Account Manager today and we can fix that too!

There are hundreds of promotional products that we can offer your Baton Rouge business. Our most popular promotional products include:

Don’t see what you want? Don’t worry, we have a literal ton of options waiting for you on our shop page. We can also find you custom solutions for unique gifts or special events. Contact our account representatives for special promotional products for your Baton Rouge company.

Why Your Baton Rouge Business Needs Promotional Products

There are countless reasons why Baton Rouge businesses use promotional products – from employee recognition awards and anniversary gifts to event giveaways for brand recognition purposes. Whatever your business goals are with promotional products, we have high-quality and affordable solutions.

Expand Your Baton Rouge Business’s Recognition with Promotional Products

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Expand your brand’s recognition through promotional products. Contact our brand strategists at Catapult to discuss the best way to show off your Baton Rouge company’s brand on promotional products.

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