Telecommuting Software and Solutions


Jump into the Future of the Workplace​

Telecommuting is the workplace of the future. We have the advanced technology necessary to work from home while keeping communication strong and productivity sky high. If you want the solutions to all your telecommuting woes – Catapult Creative Media is the one to call.

Keep Business Going

with Virtual Telecommuting Meetings​

With our telecommuting software, you’ll have the power of collaboration at your fingertips. You’ll be able to hold a video or phone conference with employees or clients from anywhere with great flexibility and ease.

Along with video and phone conferencing, this software allows you to hold secure webinars and training sessions virtually within your company no matter how many states away your employees are. While you and your employees are experiencing the freedom of working from home, or anywhere (with Wi-Fi connection, of course), our software will make it feel as if you’re still face-to-face with each other and potential clients.

Invest in telecommuting software today for a fast and smooth transition into the world of remote working. We’ll get you and your whole team up to speed and functioning as digital nomads. Call Catapult today to step into the future of telework. 

Comprehensive Telecommuting solutions

Effectively communicate with your internal team using a secure online messaging system. There’s no need to send an email for simple instructions on an assignment. Send quick, short instant messages to anyone on your team, or create a group for group collaboration to improve production and complete projects faster. 

With our document management system, you’ll be able to maintain the status of projects and share files in an organized and secure matter.

Even remotely, you can keep a tight line of communication with your customers with our telecommuting software. Keep meetings on schedule with flexible conference calling options. Make your customers feel comfortable by letting them choose how to reach your company through either phone or video conferencing.  

Keeping your business’s files and communication secure is vital. Catapult’s tech wizards secure your server with multiple lines of defense and double-check to see if you’re using the best software possible to prevent any potential cyber invasions.

Why Should Your Business Look into Telecommuting?

Unfortunately, there are instances when you or your employees can’t be in the office. There are medical and personal reasons why an employee may choose to take time from their job, but would still like to continue working. Telework can actually increase employee productivity, reduce employee absences and burn out, and diminish overall operating costs. In the United States, 56 percent of employees have a job where part of their job could be done from home.

Here are a few industries that commonly use telecommuting software:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Healthcare
  • Computer and information technology
  • Education and training

Invest in the Future of Your Business Operations with Telework

Grow your business by giving employees the option to work from anywhere. Contact Catapult today to learn why it’s time to give telework a chance. We’ll get your telecommuting software set up and ready quickly, so you can start your first video conference in no time and get back to business.

Do you want to know if your business can use telecommuting software? Call Catapult! We’ll ask a few questions about your company, and find the best solution for you and your employees.