Design process

Catapult's Way of Doing Things

Our design process is intended to make your company a part of the action. We maintain our integrity by keeping an open door policy on communication and ideas. While we are the designers, we want your input and believe that communication is essential. Understanding that your time is valuable, we work hard to do it right the first time, so you are free to concentrate on your business.

Research & Plan

Regardless of the project, our production team and strategists start here. We’re brushing up on your industry and competition, and stockpiling that knowledge for your project. 

Concept & Sketch

Our creative team gets to work on sketches and developing concepts. We get to exercise our creativity and only proceed with the best ideas.

Develop & Present

Whatever the project – be it content, design, or development, we’re hard at work at this stage. This is where we put our own brand of Catapult magic into your project. 

Revise & Finalize

Time for us to review! We meet with you and outline the project choices and options, and go through each aspect of the material. We get a plan for changes, what to implement and how and do our thing. From there, we review again to finish up the checklist.


Time to celebrate! Your project has reached the final stage. Websites are launched and go through our final checklist, design work is printed and checked for quality assurance, content is posted and all is right with the world!