Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management
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Online Reputation Management

Don’t Scare Away Your Customers Before They Step Foot in Your Store

One-star reviews or no reviews at all can cause major problems for your business. Thankfully, we have a coveted solution to your review woes. Equip your business with our proprietary online reputation management software, Kydos, and toss your troubles aside. Kydos lets you manage online reviews, respond to customer reviews, and send review requests all from one platform with just a push of a few buttons.

Kiss the trouble of logging into 18 different platforms goodbye and say hello to our time-saving and business-saving online reputation management solution.

Online Reputation Management that Turns the Tables

Online reviews are giving personal recommendations a run for their money – people trust them as much as word-of-mouth. You have to keep your online reputation spotless because the whole world can see what people are saying about your business (no pressure).

With Kydos providing online reputation management tools, you can start filling your review sections with positive vibes from customers who love what you do.

Just send a review request to a happy customer and watch the stars rise in your favor.

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The Online Reputation Management Dashboard Saves You Time & Headaches

No one wants to keep track of more usernames and passwords than necessary. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to manage all reviews in one location with one login – that’s smart online reputation management. Our clients have expressed time and time again that this feature saves them so much time and frustration.
View all your reviews in one place and reply instantly with our online reputation management software for businesses. Don’t waste any more of your time switching between 20+ accounts – the time that Kydos saves you alone will more than cover the cost of the service – your time is more valuable than anything as a business owner!

Get online reputation management software for your company and get your time back.

What Kydos, Our Online Reputation Management Software, Can Do:

Requesting Reviews is Easy
We’re all about making things easy; that’s why our proprietary online reputation management software allows you to request reviews in two ways. You can boost your review number even higher by using both methods.

Increase Sales with Online Reputation Management Software

Manage your online reputation when you subscribe to Kydos today. With a website crafted by Catapult and Kydos working right alongside it, your company will stand tall in your market and capture the attention of all your potential customers. We can even display your shining star reviews right on your website with seamless integration.

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