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Want seven times more traffic to your website? Then you need an SEO company in Detroit that can get you to the top of the Google search results page. As the best SEO company in Detroit, we grow our clients’ business by boosting their online traffic, which turns into more sales.

The city has plenty of open space, and rent is low-cost. This makes it an ideal place for the development of new ideas. The auto industry will always be a major component of Detroit’s economy. However, other industries are thriving, such as technology. In fact, the region is now the fourth fastest-growing region in the nation in the Case-Shiller index. Businesses are flocking to Detroit because of this.

Accessibility is another advantage of the Detroit business. Although the city does not have a subway system however, there are plenty of local eateries and shops. There are also plenty of free public transportation options. Many businesses in the city are focused on startups, but Detroit’s downtown is dominated by large chains.

Another major benefit of having the business located in Detroit is its place of business. The area is home to many thriving companies. It is accessible from other areas of the city via roads. The metro area is a hub for business. Detroit is a center for culture, history, and fresh energy. Detroit is the ideal location to locate your business.

The city has an exciting story to tell. It was once an important automotive city and was home to a variety of other industries. The civil rights movement had a negative impact on the city’s economy. Detroiters are friendly and willing to work. If you’re in search of a new location, Detroit is a great place to start a business. It’s a fantastic location to start a business due to its diverse population and a vibrant culture.

Detroit is a wonderful location to live if are seeking the perfect mix of history, culture, and business opportunities. The rich history of the city is a testimony to its innovative spirit. With its diverse population, it’s easy to attract new businesses. The city’s diversity makes it a desirable destination for companies. If you’re considering moving your company to Detroit make sure you spend the time to learn more about the city.
Another benefit of having a business in Detroit is its accessibility. Although the city doesn’t have a subway system, there are many local restaurants and shops. There are a variety of public transportation options that are free. Many businesses in the city are focused on startups, however Detroit’s downtown is dominated by large chains.

Another big advantage of a business in Detroit is its location. Many businesses that are thriving reside in the area. It is accessible from other parts of the city via highway. The metropolitan area is a major hub for business. Detroit is a center for history, culture and a new energy. Detroit is the perfect place to set up your business.

The city has an interesting background. It was once a major automotive city and was the home of many other industries. The civil rights movement had a negative effect on the city’s economy. The residents of Detroit are welcoming and eager to work. Detroit is a great place to begin a business. It is a great place to start a business due to its diverse community and a vibrant culture.

If you’re looking for a location that can provide the perfect blend of culture, history, and business opportunities, then you must think about Detroit. Its rich past is a an evidence of its ingenuity. It is easy to draw new businesses due to its large population. The city’s diversity makes it a desirable location for companies. Detroit is a great location to relocate your business. Take the time to research the city.

If you’re ready for seven times more traffic to your site then call our SEO company serving Detroit today. We’ll build you an SEO strategy that takes you to the top.

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What Our SEO Company in Detroit Can Do for You

With over 13 years of experience, our SEO company in Detroit uses proven tactics to help businesses of all sizes get found online. Using custom software and thorough analytical strategies, we find what your customers are searching for and optimize your site using an unbeatable strategy, so you dominate the market.

The SEO Services We Can Provide as Your SEO Company in Detroit Include:

Let our SEO company serving Detroit optimize your website, blogs, and more so you can increase traffic and leave your competition in the dust.

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Our SEO Company Serving Detroit Offers Additional Services

Digital Marketing 

We may be an SEO company in Detroit, but we offer more. Get custom solutions for any of your marketing needs. We offer a full line of services to help you expand your business. From stunning business cards to kick-ass websites, we’ll build you a masterpiece that makes your customers buy.

PPC Advertising

Compete with the big dogs without spending like them when you choose Catapult Creative Media as your PPC agency. You’ll see the difference in spend and sales when we build you a targeted campaign that works.

Social Media Management

Our SEO Company in Detroit is also versed in social media. Parade your company in front of millions on social media and attract new customers and employees. Stop obsessing over a hashtag when we manage and grow your brand online for you.

Custom Logo Design

Showcase your brand’s personality and your services while looking sharp with a signature logo you can stamp anywhere. Get your one-of-a-kind logo and mark your company for success.

Video Production

Video lets customers connect with your company quickly and with better success. Inform, engage, and educate your audience to captivate them and bring in more business with video production services.

Online Reputation Management

Bad or no reviews send your customers running to the competition. Part of talent as an SEO company in Detroit is helping you manage all sides of your marketing. Equip your business with our reputation management software to gather and manage your reviews, so you shine in their eyes.

Website Design Development

Get a website that will work harder for you than your best employee. A website built by Catapult will connect to your customers, answer their questions, and sell your products/services. Exceed your growth expectations with a website from Catapult.

E-commerce Solutions

Sell online with fast and easy-to-use e-commerce websites. We’ll make sure your website is found and your products are easy to purchase, so customers come back time and time again.

Why Choose Catapult as Your SEO Company in Detroit

Catapult Creative Media is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes reach new levels of success with SEO and marketing services. Our trained and experienced team at our SEO company in Detroit is committed to our clients' immediate and long-term success. When you partner with us as your SEO company in Detroit, you get a team dedicated to excellence and helping you reach your goals.

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As an SEO company in Detroit, we’ve won numerous awards and hold expert credentials and certifications. You can sleep soundly knowing you have powerful minds crafting your advertising efforts. We’re a Google Partner and an Accredited Professional in Microsoft Ads. We’ve earned awards for being the fastest-growing company and best place to work. With over 13 years in the industry and thousands of successful clients, we’re the experts you can trust.

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped thousands of companies in every industry imaginable get more sales, improve profits, and grow their company as an SEO company serving Detroit. We do all this while also lowering their costs. We’re efficient at delivering data-driven solutions, and our records show it.  


We retain 90% of our clients – that’s a 408% increase over other companies. Our clients stick with us because we help them reach their goals like no other company can. As your long-term partner, we always are pushing you to the next level.

Transparent Results

When you’re doing things right, there’s nothing to hide. We’ll show you where our efforts are going, tell you why, and show you the tremendous results we’re getting for you as your dedicated SEO company in Detroit.

We Deliver On Time

Delays can mean millions in lost revenue. As your SEO company in Detroit, we deliver our products and services promptly every time so you can start climbing your way to success. With reasonable yet ambitious deadlines that let us do our best work for you, you’ll see results fast. Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.

Custom Solutions

As a complete digital marketing agency, Catapult can deliver any marketing solution you need. From print materials to custom software development, we have the skills and experience to deliver your needed custom solution – give us a call and let us go to work for you.


Catapult has been named by both Louisiana State University and the University of Georgia as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. Clients choose us to be their marketing provider because we grow them exponentially.  

Catapult has won Best Places to Work two years in a row. Our employees love working at Catapult and producing stunning pieces for our clients. When our clients succeed, so do our employees because they know they’re doing a job well done. Feel confident knowing our completely in-house team located throughout the United States is ready to answer any of your questions and deliver quality work. 


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Microsoft Advertising Partner

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