Fraud Blocker Cheers to 15 Years! – Catapult’s 15th Anniversary

15 years of Catapult

Catapult’s 15th Anniversary!

Celebrating Catapult’s 15th Anniversary

We can’t believe we’re celebrating 15 years already! Over the years, we’ve completed thousands of projects, consumed just as much coffee, and enjoyed millions of fantastic little moments with clients, team members, and friends. So, what did we do to celebrate?

To celebrate the 15 years we accomplished, the team at Catapult Creative Media went out in search of a little something to bestow upon David Maples and Virginia Huling, co-owners and founders of Catapult, to commemorate this outstanding achievement. Here’s what the creative engineers at Catapult came up with and how the celebration went down:


As you can see, David and Ginny were beyond surprised and loved the gift! Congratulations to both of them for 15 years of excellence!

But where did it all start?

The History of Catapult – How We Got Started

In September of 2007, we were extremely busy getting together every document we needed to officially start our business. When September 11 arrived, we had everything ready and were excited to go down to file for our business license to start our journey of running Catapult Creative Media. We were getting our shoes on and heading out the door when we stopped and realized it was September 11.

At that moment, we had to debate what to do. Should we wait to file the next day? Should we put off starting our business a day out of respect for those who were lost in 2001?

It seemed the right thing to do until we realized by stopping our dream, even for a day, we were actually doing the exact opposite; we were letting them win. We were not honoring those who fought for us and who were lost.

Instead, we went and filed for our business license. We didn’t let their terrible actions affect America’s growth. We wanted to honor those who suffered without disrespecting their sacrifice.

Today, Catapult is Celebrating its 15th Anniversary.

Each year, we take time to honor those who were lost that day. Today, we also celebrate America’s growth and resilience. Today, we celebrate our small part in this great nation.

For 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of business owners grow their companies, creating jobs throughout America.

For 15 years, we’ve helped business owners realize their dreams.

For 15 years, we’ve provided excellent service and result-driven marketing that’s turned lives around.

For 15 years, we’ve worked with amazing clients and creative, compassionate team members.

For 15 years, we’ve been proud to be a part of this nation.

Cheers to 15 years of Catapult Creative Media. Here’s to 15 more and a bright and safe future for everyone.

Meredith Kisow is the lead copywriter at Catapult. She enjoys reading, hiking with her husband and dogs, and taking way too many pictures of her pets.

Work with Catapult Creative Media Inc. Catapult Creative Media Inc. is a digital marketing and design agency serving clients across the United States. Founded in 2007, Catapult is headquartered in Baton Rouge and provides digital, social, and mobile marketing solutions backed by relevant strategy and measurable results. Catapult works the web to their clients’ advantage, launching them to their next level of success.

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