Fraud Blocker 3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Photography


3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Photography

Professional Photography Can Help Your Business Reach New Heights

Professional photography can have a dramatic effect on the presence of your website. This week we’re going to investigate several reasons why your company’s website deserves professional photography. We asked some of our in-house photographers what they thought made professional photography essential for web sites. Let’s see what they had to say:

Amateur pictures aren’t usually big enough

When creating media, banners, brochures, etc., they usually require a large image size so that we can format the graphics appropriately. When we go to take pictures for our clients, we take them to fit certain sizes.

We compose each show with a specific purpose in mind – such as how the images will be used and whether there needs to be space in the photo for text and other elements. Overall, we try to make sure that the pictures we take don’t look haphazard when we transform them for use on the web.

Pictures are much more captivating than text alone

They speak to your audience and draw them in. While your website copy is very important, a good picture certainly complements it. People know generic stock photos when they see them. If you want to establish brand authority with your customers, show them what really goes on with your company!

People want to see your specific area or field of work. They don’t want to see generic looking people in plain suits working in cubicles. Show them what you really do, and capture that emotion with professional photography – it’s what your customers want to see.

Professional photography helps you compete with the big boys

If you are a big company with a mediocre website, professional photography can quickly change your website from low-end to world-class quality. Nothing says unprofessional more than low-quality images on your website. Signify to your customers that you know what you’re doing, don’t cut corners with your photos!

You owe it to your company to represent it in the best way possible. Having professional pictures is an easy way to transform the perception of your brand in a positive manner. Does your current web company offer professional photography services when it comes time to do a re-design of your website?

If not, you should consider hiring a company like Drift who has professional photographers on staff, ready to cater to your specific needs.

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