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5 Tips to Finally Start Blogging

5 Helpful Tips for Blogging Beginners


What’s stopping you from starting a blog? Don’t have enough time? Can’t get motivated? These 5 quick tips will help you actually sit down and start blogging. Blog a few times a week to give your customers the information they’re looking for while highlighting your expertise in your industry.


1. Get a Blog

This one seems easy, but it’s important. While you can get a blog through Tumblr or WordPress, the best way to start blogging is by hosting a blog on your own website. That way, you have control of everything you post and people who read your blog will be directed to your website. If you already have a website, talk to your web master about adding a blog to your existing site.


2. Brainstorm Topics

There’s so many things that you can blog about. Just sit down and start making a list. Think of questions your customers have asked you or areas of your industry that you specialize in. Blogging is all about empowering existing and potential customers with the knowledge they’re searching the web for. If you’re having trouble thinking of topics, ask your friends and colleagues what they think you’re good at. Don’t over think the brainstorming process and in no time, you’ll have a sizable list of topics to choose from.


3. Consistently Set Aside Time

Put your phone on silent. Close your office door. Remove all distractions and sit down and write. Just take about 20-30 minutes. You’re not writing the next American novel, just a 5-6 paragraph blog article. The most important part of setting aside time is to be consistent. Sit down and write at least one article every week. If you post on your blog once a week, let’s say every Tuesday, your readership is going to expect a new article every Tuesday. Be consistent and keep writing to build up your blog readership, which will increase traffic to your website.


4. Don’t Forget Visuals

Nothing’s more boring than a blog post without a picture. If you don’t have you own pictures, there are plenty of stock libraries where you can find graphics to accompany your blog post. Find a picture that matches the theme of your article. Again, don’t over think it. Choose something the looks nice and makes sense with the topic of your article.


5. Tell People About It!

What good is a blog if no one reads it? Once you generate content for your blog, tell everyone! Ask friends, family and professional colleagues to read your blog. Push it out to your social media networks and your email newsletters to start getting readership and a fan base.


The hardest part of blogging is starting. Once you take that first step, you’ll be well on your way to making the web work for your business. If you decide you need more digital marketing help, give Catapult a call. We can help with everything from blog writing to inbound marketing consulting.

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