Fraud Blocker Google AdWords Updates and Your Business

Google AdWords Updates and Your Business

Google AdWords Updates Can Benefit Your Business

Springtime often results in Google update announcements and this year, Google didn’t fail us. While the announcements came in the spring, many of the updates are just now going into effect so there is still time to catch up on what’s new and coming to Google AdWords.

Google’s Adwords update announcements have mostly been mobile centric this year and will impact businesses everywhere with the ever increasing trend of mobile searches. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Google Adwords Updates.


  1. More Description Characters, More Headlines

Google has already implemented substantial updates this year with new expanded text ads and the elimination of right side ads, and it is now continuing the update trend with growing headlines.

Google announced that advertisers would be allowed two 30-character headlines instead of the original single headline of 25 characters. Google’s preliminary studies found that this change increased click through rates (CTR) by 20 percent. The longer headlines alone are a great addition for advertisers wanting to increase the traffic to websites. Google is also expanding the number of characters in the description line.

Instead of two 35-character description lines, advertisers will now have one, 80-character description line. These big changes will be coming to both mobile and desktop, so be sure to capitalize on the opportunity now to get a leg up on the competition.


  1. Local Search Ads Appearing on Google Maps

    Google adwords updates include a local search map ad.

That’s right advertisers; your ads are about to start appearing on Google Maps. Described as “next generation,” Google unveiled new local search ads that will pop up in Google Maps as people search for businesses around them.

Brand logos and offers will also appear directly on the maps. With more than a billion users, Google Maps is a great way for you to secure more audiences and attract them to your business.


  1. Promotion Pins and Inventory Search

To drive more traffic from Maps to local businesses, Google is also offering promotion pins and inventory search options. This allows potential customers to see a business’ location, in-store promotions, and store inventories all from one place. Advertisers have the opportunity to add logos and timely offers to their ads and interact with customers.

This update benefits advertisers by increasing the time customers see the brand and interact with it leading to an increased opportunity to sell products or services.


  1. Responsive Display AdsGoogle adwords updates makes a site responsive.

Give Google your URL, headline, description, and image and let it take over from there. Google will create completely responsive display ads for you. Regardless of the website and content, all ads will fit all screens perfectly with no stress or mess on your part. These simple Google AdWords updates are big news for local businesses.

Because a third of all mobile searches are location related, adding ads to Google Maps will help drive more online traffic from Maps to local businesses. The longer headlines can lead to higher CTR, which is perfect for advertisers and businesses.

Staying on top of these Google AdWords updates can keep your business and advertising efforts current, as well as help you out shine your competitors.


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