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How Will AI Change SEO and Web Design? – Tips to Stay Ahead of the Curve

From the first static web pages to today’s dynamic, responsive websites, businesses have leveraged each technological leap forward to transform websites to reach their end goal of selling to more customers. Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently emerged as the latest game-changer, offering unprecedented opportunities for many industries.

However, is AI changing SEO (search engine optimization) and web design, and if it is, what does that change look like, and how will it affect businesses? Can we predict how AI will change SEO and web design to stay ahead of the curve?

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The Current State of AI in SEO and Web Design                                           

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AI is currently involved in SEO and web design in different ways, such as AI-powered chatbots and analyzing and reporting user search intent with software like RankBrain. With the advent of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, some believed AI could design and write our websites for us. However, AI is not yet sophisticated enough to do those things for us.

AI still needs detailed prompts to generate decent results; even then, it can still make mistakes or yield inaccurate results. Tools like ChatGPT and other tools using AI can change SEO in the future, but as of right now, they still need a lot of human monitoring, as editing and personalization are necessary to get the exact results you want.

Who is to say that AI won’t be able to do that in a year or six months as AI advancement accelerates? But, for now, AI cannot do those marketing pieces for you alone, and anyone who says otherwise is overselling you on their software’s capabilities – so be wary of those trying to sell you something.

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How AI Will Change SEO and Web Design

AI will likely revolutionize SEO and web design in several ways. As more people train AI models like ChatGPT and with further advancements, AI will be able to code, write, and generate compelling images to create a decent website. However, the work won’t stop there. Humans, especially designers, programmers, and writers, will still have to double-check and refine the AI’s outputs, as AI is still just a machine. AI tools will not be capable of producing high-end web design like specialists can with the personalization and humanization needed to appeal to other humans.

While AI won’t be able to create your ideal website, it can speed up the process, leaving a lot of time and creative space for designers to improve and perfect websites. Designers and writers, especially, can use AI-generated websites as inspiration to enhance their creative process.

Addressing how AI will change SEO is a bit tricky. During their I/O conference, Google recently stated they would implement an AI questionnaire at the top of search pages and prioritize paid ads. This change would push organic searches further down the page, meaning smaller brands will see less overall traffic, as users tend to click results near the top of search pages.

Does this mean you should give up on ranking organically? Absolutely not. While AI is changing SEO drastically, brands need to put more time and effort into ranking organically with well-written, informative, and unique content, as Google will start prioritizing that type of content. You must also put some of your eggs in the paid ads basket, as they will be near the top of search pages meaning visitors are more likely to click on those than organic results.

Keeping track of AI changes to SEO, PPC, and web design can be a lot and can distract you from your business. Contact the experts at Catapult to manage your SEO and PPC campaigns and get a high return on your investment.

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Adapting to How AI Changes SEO and Web Design: Tips for Business Owners

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As AI changes SEO and web design, businesses must adapt proactively. Here are some tips to help navigate this transformation:

Repurpose web content: With AI, you can repurpose web content, like blogs, for various platforms, including video, newsletters, podcast episodes, social media, etc., thus expanding your reach and visibility.

Optimize for AI-driven search: Understand the intent behind search queries and design content to provide the most relevant and valuable answers.

Leverage AI tools for design: Use AI-based design tools to streamline your design process and inspire designers to create engaging user experiences.

Master AI prompting and filtering: Learn how to effectively prompt AI tools and filter through the responses to harness their full potential. Train your staff to prompt AI tools like ChatGPT to yield better results to save time sifting through less desirable outcomes.

Contact Catapult Creative Media to Help When AI Changes SEO and Web Design

While AI SEO and web design changes are overwhelming, having a professional and expert digital marketing agency navigate through this monumental change will benefit your business. Catapult Creative Media provides expert SEO and web design services while staying up to date with the latest in AI to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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