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What is advertising

The Madness of Advertising, What Advertising Does for You

Advertising Helps Businesses Grow, but What is Advertising Exactly?

Advertising is an ever-changing process of communicating how a product or service is beneficial to a consumer. The majority of the public is unfamiliar with the industry and all of what it entails. Advertising, however, is vital to every company if they wish to expand and grow. Learn about what advertising is, and what it can do for you.


Working Together to Make it All HappenPeople working together

The advertising industry is made up of many different parts and departments.

The different departments of the advertising industry work together in order to deliver an effective message to consumers.

One department or role, depending on the size of the company, consists of the account managers or executives. They handle communication between the client and the agency.

They are typically in charge of finding new clients and making sure the current clients are satisfied with the agency’s work.

A huge part of advertising is research, analyzing both numbers and words. Clients want to know what consumers think about their brand, how consumers will react to the message in the ads, and which form of media will reach their consumers best.

These advertising professionals are usually called the account planners, media planners, or strategists. Once research is conducted, the design element comes into play. These roles or department are made up of the graphic designers and copywriters.

They handle making the advertisements. Graphic designers create the visuals for the client, and the copywriter handles writing the content.

The people who keep the process moving while all these different pieces are going on are called operation or traffic managers, and they handle time management. They keep everything organized.

All these different people with different skills come together to create a message for the client. Staff size varies from agency to agency, and many smaller ad agencies have staff members that handle several positions at once.


Where Ads HappenPark Bench Ad

Advertisers use different forms of media to reach their client’s consumers. Ads can appear in traditional and non-traditional media. Traditional media includes print, radio, TV, and billboards. Non-traditional media includes internet, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, and social media.

Guerrilla marketing is a form of advertising that is becoming popular. This form is typically described as a type of unconventional advertisement that creates high exposure for the product.

Some agencies have their own niche in either traditional or non-traditional advertising and tend to create great work in that specific field. When looking for an ad agency for your company, look at several agencies’ work and evaluate your companies advertising needs.

Find an agency that can address both all of your needs and that can help assist you in growing your company.


Desire and Connect

Advertising is a form of communication. Most of what advertisers do is communicate the desire of the product to the consumer. “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” from the Snickers’ campaign is a good example of this. Most people are not themselves when they are hungry and can become sluggish, tired, or hangry.

Snickers took this concept and showed their consumers that a Snickers bar will satisfy their needs when they become hungry.

Advertising is a complex industry. Many different elements come together to create effective communication pieces that will reach a specific audience. Advertising is constantly changing and is hard to keep up with by yourself, but it is necessary for every company that wants to grow.

It is a world of madness working together to connect people to the products they love.


Samantha Territo is attending school at Louisiana State University studying in mass communication specializing in digital advertising with a minor in business administration. She loves coffee, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and veggie pizza.

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