Fraud Blocker The Power of Video Testimonials

The Power of Video Testimonials

Don’t Underestimate What the Power of Testimonials Can Do for Your Business

Video testimonials allow for an immediate, human connection with your customers. While an invaluable asset to business success, more often than not we see customer testimonials in a static, written form on websites across the Internet.

While any form of customer testimonials is better than none, here are reasons why video testimonials will help your business stand out:


Video testimonials are raw and honest. They erase the often invisible barrier between a business and potential customers, eliminating doubt and uncertainty while nurturing an atmosphere of trust.

It is far more difficult for a customer to appear fake through a video testimonial than through its written counterpart. In turn, viewers watching your testimonials feel connected to the work you do, which may be the deciding factor in turning them into a future customer.

Memorable Video testimonials are far more likely to be recalled than written testimonials.

The excitement in a voice. The dimples in a smile. The gleam in an eye. People remember these scenes. In fact, 90 percent of information your brain absorbs is visual, and that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

When you see a satisfied customer’s face and the emotion he/she is portraying, you create an immediate bond with the company behind that face. Someone is far more likely to recall watching a video testimonial about how superb a product or service was than to recall reading a line of text about the same thing.

While written testimonials can be easily overlooked or ignored, video testimonials add a dynamic element to your business’s credentials that peek interest among viewers.

Gain Exposure

From an analytical standpoint, video testimonials simply help your business get discovered faster. Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-video users. A video testimonial adds a unique component to your business that can help you stand out among the competition, and it will enable your site to place higher among search engine rankings.

In addition, video testimonials enable a customer’s experience to become shareable across social media.[Click to Tweet]

This can further increase circulation and SEO rankings, which leads to more hits and more business.

Displays Effort Video testimonials show that you put effor into everything you do.

Viewing a well-done video testimonial shows much more than a customer’s experience with a company. Below the surface-level, practical information, people can see that you take your work seriously. You invite viewers to experience the care you put into your craft, and give them the chance to envision what you could do for theirs.

You didn’t settle for just a written testimonial because you wanted people to truly see how your product or service can benefit them. Going the extra mile through video testimonial can be the difference between closing a browser and securing a lifelong client.

Video testimonials grant a level of intimacy and trust with which written testimonials are losing ground. As the market continues to change, your audience will begin to expect certain standards. Set yourself apart from your competition by creating a human face in your industry that understands the needs of its customers. People trust people, not words.

We gravitate toward the connection made when actually seeing and hearing a person discuss an experience over simply reading about it in a block of text. Allow people the chance to watch you through video testimonials, and you might just gain the privilege to watch them become loyal customers.

Jason King is a senior at LSU majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Digital Advertising. In his spare time, he enjoys engaging in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing around South Louisiana.  

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