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Protecting Your Web Information

Just a few items that we should all remember as we start this new year off.

Make sure to have all of your website information backed up to a hard file somewhere. Also remember to keep your backups at a different place than your primary business location. An online backup with a reputable company can be good but in a pinch a safe-deposit box at your local bank also works. It is also a good idea to change your site passwords (FTP, domain and hosting account, etc.) every 90 days, just to make sure the people who have access to your site are the people you want to have access to your site.

Set your passwords as something random and not the birthdays of your children. Easy passwords are easily cracked. Lastly never use the most popular of passwords for anything you use online. That password non grata is of course “password.”

Make sure that all of your companies employees are using computers with current up-to-date virus and anti-phishing programs. This will help to minimize the chance that your companies data will be swiped by a nefarious program or website.

If you ever suspect that your domain has been hijacked CONTACT YOUR WEB HOSTING PROVIDER or WEB DESIGN COMPANY (if they are the ones providing hosting) immediately! A problem like this doesn’t go away and only gets worse with time.

Good luck and happy surfing!

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