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Reflections on this September 11th

Today is Catapult’s 11th Anniversary.

Eleven years.

This is that moment where you look back and realize how time has gotten away from you. Has it really been eleven years? Wow. How did we get this far?

As we reflect back over the years, we can’t help but acknowledge the significance of today. After a long weekend of planning, paperwork and designing, we headed to the Secretary of State’s office to file our Articles of Incorporation. Once there, we realized the date and awkwardly considered our next steps. Should we wait and file tomorrow? It seemed odd, but then it didn’t. We lived through 9/11. To allow the actions of that day to halt our choices felt like giving in. It felt right, to honor those we lost to push forward and work to build something new. So we did.

From starting out in an apartment, working in between classes, to two locations and a talented and dedicated team, we’ve seen our share of adventures. We’ve had a lot of laughs, tears, wins, and losses. We’ve learned a lot of lessons and know there are still more to out there. Our team has changed many times over the years, and every one has left their mark.

We wouldn’t have made it here without the support of the amazing clients we’ve had through the years. Our growth is a direct reflection of you, our client’s success. You chose Catapult to be part of your team. You helped our little squad grow to a full blown marketing agency. You brought us your dreams, visions and goals and let us be a part of your story.

From the bottom of our hearts, we humbly thank you for letting us share your adventure.

– David & Virginia

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