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The Time To Go Mobile Is NOW

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly



Prepare yourself for the future – the time to go mobile is now.

Nearly 46% of US consumers own a smartphone (American and Internet Life Project, March 2012), and mobile searches alone have grown by 400% since 2010 (Google Internal Data). Over the years it has become increasingly more obvious that customers are trying to reach businesses via their mobile phones. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to understand how to market via mobile platforms. Is having a mobile website “worth it” for your business? Better yet, can your business afford to not have a mobile website?


What Businesses Would Benefit From Having a Mobile Website?

Certain industries utilize smartphone mobile sites differently. In the case of large financial institutions, their customers are willing to download an app in order to be able to securely check their bank account balances on the go. They won’t, however, download an app just so they can find a local area branch. Banks will need to have a mobile website so that users can easily find information such as branch locations using their mobile browsers and an app so that users can feel safe and secure while checking their balances.

Insurance companies have developed smartphone apps so that customers can take pictures and report claims from the scene of the accident. This allows them to fully utilize their smartphone’s capabilities and enhance the experience. However they also have a website optimized for smartphones so that users can access other information on the go easily.

It’s safe to say that all industries would benefit from a mobile website. Whether or not your company needs an app is up for debate – but there’s no denying the fact that customers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices.


But Why Should I Build a Mobile Website?

Over the years people have grown more accustomed to browsing the web with their phone. While getting their shopping done, some people may use their phone to check the hours or location of a local restaurant, and maybe even the menu. If your website isn’t optimized to provide a good user experience for mobile web browsers, users may not be able to locate this crucial information – and they might skip over your establishment entirely.

Another reason why you should build a mobile website for your business is that it’s cost-effective. Most web design firms already offer mobile website design services, and it may be more affordable than you think. With your customers using mobile devices more frequently, you wouldn’t want to leave any money on the table by losing sales just because people can’t find the info they need about your business on your bloated, non-mobile-optimized website.

Don’t miss out on lost opportunities or lost sales. Talk to your favorite web design company today and get started on building your own mobile website.


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