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3 Ways Your Website is the Best Employee

Your Website is Your Most Invaluable Tool for Brand and Product Promotion.

Think about your best employee. This employee knows your company inside and out and is a great multitasker. Now, imagine this employee is available to work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Imagine that you are able to pay this employee much less than you would any other, and that they don’t complain about it. Imagine they can do anything you ask them to, and more quickly than any of your employees ever could.

This seems unattainable, but if I told you this imaginary employee is your website, it’s no longer all that impossible. At Catapult, we’ve built hundreds of websites. We’ve learned that regardless of the benefits, most clients will cringe at the idea of a $50,000 website. While this doesn’t look like a very feasible number at first, looking at your website as one of your employees who will stay with your company indefinitely, this “salary” number looks a lot more reasonable. Here are three things your website can do as your best employee.


The Most Knowledgeable EmployeeUpdating website to have all information about the company

Your website is your most knowledgeable salesperson. Not only can your website give anyone any detail about your business, but it can also present these details in the way you choose. Through testing and perfecting, your site will become your most well-informed salesperson.

In addition to this, your site is excellent at making sales. Not only can your site get information out, but it can also accept and process payments instantly through an online store. Your site doesn’t just have to be great at sales, either; we can consult with you to make your website whatever you want it to be. With our consultation and website customization, your customers will have a wide variety of information at their fingertips.


24/7 AvailabilityPerson checking their website which has constant availability

Your site solely exists to talk to current and prospective customers. If we’re still looking at your website as your best employee, its only goal in life is to process payments and promote your business. It doesn’t take sick days or vacation. It’s there all the time to continuously bring in new customers and service your existing ones. It has a wealth of knowledge at its fingertips so it’s ready to answer any question at any time.


Very Organized & Great at Multitasking

Finally, your website is your most well-organized employee. Even better, all of its information isn’t spread over a desk or taking up space in an office file cabinet. Its organization is digital, eliminating any office clutter.

In addition, it will communicate with hundreds, even thousands of customers at the same time about multiple things. Your site will keep processes and timelines straight all while assisting customers with their various needs.


An Effective Website is a Bargain at Any Price

When it comes to conducting business and promoting your brand most efficiently, a website is your best bet. A website costing $50,000 can be a bargain, considering that this is a one-time cost rather than a yearly salary. No one human can do what your website does as effectively. Plus, paying an employee to do all of these things would cost far more over the course of more time.

Where a person would be paid much more than $50,000 yearly, a website only costs this much for its indefinite use. If you want that tool to work to your advantage, spending $50,000 isn’t a pricey investment in the long run. If you want to get started with your best employee, call Catapult today for a consultation.


Kalli Champagne is an intern at Catapult Creative Media. She is currently a grad student at LSU and loves all things horror. 

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