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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Fads Come and Go, but We Predict These Digital Marketing Techniques will Continue to Improve and Expand Through 2019.

From our experience as a digital marketing agency, we excel in predicting what will be popular online for potential customers based not only on social media and branding trends but also on previous customer engagement. We cannot predict exactly how long an online marketing trend will last, but there are many factors that play into gauging the popularity of a specific tool or tactic used. Based on our experience and expertise in utilizing media marketing, here is what we expect to see continuing to rise to fame in the new year:


Influencer taking advantage of digital marketing trends

Influencer Marketing

A huge trend that has continued to spike in the YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram world is paying popular influencers to promote a business or product in their videos or picture captions. The video bloggers (vloggers) and social media celebrities are going to be even more relevant in 2019 as companies compete with each other to get the most relevant influencers to talk highly about their business. The paid ads that used to appear before and during videos with over 2 million views have manifested into companies sending influencers free products to use and review on their social media platforms.


Video Marketing and Advertising

Video marketing usage skyrocketed in 2018, and we expect it to continue to trend in the new year. What makes video marketing popular is its interactive perspective. People are drawn to visual images, paired with sound to grasp their attention. Videos have the power to give someone clear information in an engaging way. For a business, it’s becoming more important than ever to have a video or 360-degree photo attached to the homepage of a website.

Not only does video draw people in, but depending on how it is designed, it could give the viewer an opportunity to see the street view–for location finding–or an inside view of a business’s layout to make them feel as if they are actually walking around. This modernized tactic gives any platform an advantage over their competition.


Live Streaming

With a blend of influencer marketing, the visual appeal of videos, and the instant communication of social media, people have become more accustomed to having live updates from the people they follow online. Live streaming is engaging and effective for fans because they can instantly communicate through messaging components on platforms during a stream. Aside from the personal use, this could be a powerful digital marketing trend for businesses, if done well. Let’s say a customer is shopping online for a specific item, and live chat was not available, but live streaming was. An employee could video chat with the customer, giving them face-to-face attention as if it was taking place inside the store. This could make all the difference in scoring a new sale.


Voice Search Keeps Getting Bigger

Andrew Ng, the Chief Scientist at Baidu predicts voice search to be 50 percent of all searches by 2020. Verbal tones and accents used to be a challenge for voice search. Artificial intelligence has become better and sharper, and personal digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home have reduced those errors when converting speech into words or listening to a demand to complete an online task. Companies can use this to their advantage, giving customers a more efficient way to search their website or contact someone.


Expect to See Chatbots on More Websites

The popularity of chatbots came from the benefits of using Facebook Messenger to immediately connect with a business. This technology uses instant messaging to chat with users in real-time. Now, people are able to interact with a company right on their website without filling out a form or even making a phone call. Along with other built in algorithms, chatbots can activate faster based on the frequency of the customer’s visits to a website. A trend within itself that will continue to grow this year is a personalized chatbot to further engage a customer. The chatbot imitates a real person on the other side of the conversation to make it more accepted and create a natural experience for the customer.


Stay Up to Date on the Latest Digital Marketing Trends with Catapult Creative Media

Marketing techniques and strategies are constantly changing, but finding a handful that work best for your company is the most important. Our researchers and brand strategists track and measure current trends in order to predict top trends in the future. With this, we can find the best marketing strategy for your company to create a unique and personal brand that will stand out and best represent your business. Get in touch with a Catapult Creative Media representative to start reinventing your brand today!


Ashley Boudreaux is a Digital Analyst for Catapult Creative Media. She is an LSU graduate with a B.A. in Mass Communication and a minor in French. In her free time, she enjoys visiting petting zoos and climbing trees.

Katherine Harper is an Advertising and Writing Intern for Catapult Creative Media. She is a freshman at LSU, studying marketing. In her free time, she enjoys sailing, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

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