Fraud Blocker Digitally Recruiting for Your Company

Digitally Recruiting for Your Company

Take Advantage of the Digital Sphere for Recruiting for Your Company

You have a great team working for you. They all get along, work well with each other’s ideas and produce good work. Unfortunately for you, one employee has decided to take a different direction and leave your company. So now, you are left with an open position and you’re forced to start recruiting immediately.

The good news is it’s easier than ever to get the word out about that open position. Here are a few ways that to advertise that job opening that will probably be more or just as effective as writing it in your local newspaper.


Your Website Post your job opening on your website

You host all your company’s information here, so why not employment information as well? People have been using the web for years and it makes sense to put information you want people to see where they’ll be able to see it. Creating a jobs page on your company’s website will allow people to apply directly through your site.

You can track how many people visit the page and how long they stay on the page. Additionally, you can also find out how many people might be interested in working at your company. People now expect to apply for jobs online through a company’s website.

Make it easy for them and yourself by creating a “Jobs” page on your website that allows people to apply to your company.


Listings at Organizations and Universities

Consider posting about the job opening at local organizations and universities. Universities, especially, always have people who will be graduating soon or who have just graduated and are looking for jobs. A good way to get them to know about your opening is by posting it where they will see it.

Organizations can create a good starting place as well. They tend to bring together a set of like-minded people. So if you find an organization that fits with your company’s business, you should post about your opening there as well. This way you are more likely to get candidates who will have the skills you are looking for.


Posting it to Social Media Post your job opening on social media to gets likes

Another place where you can post about the opening is on your social media accounts. Once again this is already a place where people are looking at your company, so take advantage of that. Posts can spread easily and quickly.

Your next hire might just be browsing on their account, when they come across your post. They may not have even known you were looking to hire someone until they happened upon the post advertising the position. Just remember to post regularly about the open position on the platforms that recycle quickly, like Twitter.


Make it Clear

Whatever position you’re trying to fill, make sure you’ve taken the time to clearly outline the needs for your business. Include a clear list of skills you’re looking for, experience and qualifications. Chances are you’re going to get a wide range of people interested in your position.

You want to make sure you save your time and theirs before bringing them in for an interview. Having a defined list of daily tasks and expectations will make sure you attract the right people for the position. Finding a new person to fill the position of your previous employee isn’t easy.

You don’t have to make it overly difficult though, just make sure your opening is visible, and you’re sure to get many people interested in the job.


Meredith Kisow is a senior at LSU majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in public relations. Meredith enjoys reading in her spare time.

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