Fraud Blocker Drift Welcomes Beaver Creek Health and Rehab!

Drift Welcomes Beaver Creek Health and Rehab!

Say Hello to Our Newest Client: Beaver Creek Health and Rehab

We met with Dr. Rich Roth, the owner, and chiropractor at Beaver Creek Health and Rehab to discuss a redesign of his old site. Their new facility, located in Denham Springs, was gorgeous! Dr. Roth wanted to create a clinic that would address many needs of different patients. They are able to offer Physical Therapy services by a licensed Physical Therapist, Hypno-Therapy, Spinal Decompression, and Laser Therapy in addition to their high-quality Chiropractic care.

After talking with Dr. Roth, it became clear that his driving goal was to improve the lives of his patients. He wanted to help ease chronic pain, but if physical therapy was the best course, rather than chiropractic (or a combination of the two) he didn’t want to have to send them all over the place to do it! The solution was simple, thus he began one of the only integrated care facilities in Louisiana.

He ultimately wanted his website to reflect their practice. The old site was out of date and didn’t have all the information needed on it. We began simply by reviewing the different services they provide and broke them out into their own pages, so their viewers could learn more about each individually. Once we had the structure, we tackled design. He wanted a look that integrated with his logo and made people feel comfortable about visiting their clinic. Many people can get the wrong impression about chiropractic clinics or can be nervous about treatments. They needed their website to convey their attitude about improving lives.

If you’re in the area, stop by and visit. The clinic is really beautiful and staffed by great people. Tell them Drift Web Design sent you!

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