Fraud Blocker Drive: Profiles of Success


Drive: Profiles of Success

What Drives Baton Rouge Business Owners?

Take a drive around Baton Rouge, and you’re bound to see an ad for a business. You know where the billboard came from, of course. Someone put it there. But where does a business come from?

Behind every billboard, there’s an entrepreneur with a brutally honest answer to that question – people who know all too well the joys and fears that come with starting your own business. They come from different backgrounds, different industries and different age brackets. Yet somehow, they all managed to find a way get their businesses off the ground and keep them flying.

At Drift, we work with these men and women every day. So we wanted to know: What drives them? In the coming weeks, we’ll sit down with local entrepreneurs to find out what makes them tick, and we’ll share their stories with you. Be sure to check back for more posts in our Drive series. If you or someone you know is interested in telling us what drives them as a business owner, call or email us today.

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