Fraud Blocker DynaGard ecommerce Site Online!

DynaGard ecommerce Site Online!

We’ve Launched a Modern eCommerce Site for DynaGard

We met with Brandon at TOPCOR Offshore, Inc. to discuss building an ecommerce site in order to streamline selling one of their products: DynaGard. What is DynaGard you ask? The answer is simple. It is a rigid, composite shell, molded to various sizes to fit on pipes, mostly used within the oil and gas industry. The shell attaches to the pipes and isolates the pipe from its support, preventing rubbing and distress to the pipe itself. See? Simple. And really effective!

Brandon wanted to set up a system that would allow them to distribute DynaGard to their many domestic and international clients easily. We opted for an e-commerce site that gives them complete control over the product, inventory, shipping/taxes…while we handled the zillion other facets that make up an online store.

For the design, we created a modern but clean look and added a Flash billboard to show immediately how simple the product is to use. We also did some product photography for them, recreating their installation document, and creating individual images for the product variations.

All in all, it was great working with TOPCOR. Brandon and Maralyn, our contacts, made a very detailed process very easy and enjoyable and Drift was able to create a solution to make their jobs easier.

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