Fraud Blocker Facebook Business Manager is Important for Your Company

Why Facebook’s New Update is Important for Your Company

Facebook’s New Update Could Change How You Do Business on Social Media

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” This long-lived advice especially applies to businesses trying to stay current with social media. With the ever-changing platforms and the continuous technological discoveries, businesses can quickly fall behind the trends and do more harm than good to their image by utilizing social media incorrectly.

Remember when Myspace was the coolest thing to use? In just the past decade, we’ve kicked Myspace to the curb and were introduced to Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and a whole other long list of platforms that just goes on and on. Facebook has been the only social media platform that has consistently grown through the years, but it has gone through considerable changes to get where it is today.

Facebook is the perfect platform for a business because it gives you the opportunity to reach new and old audiences through Facebook ads. About a year ago, Facebook came out with an update called Business Manager that makes creating and managing ads for your clients even easier.


What is Facebook Business Manager? Facebook Business Manager is helpul if you manage more than one account.

Business Manager for Facebook is a more secure way of accessing and managing pages and ad accounts. This update allows a business to manage access to pages and ad accounts while keeping personal Facebook profiles separate. Business owners are able to clearly see which employees have access to different clients’ pages and ad accounts, and remove or change employee permissions by granting access to pages and ad accounts without the need of befriending coworkers.


Why do I need Business Manager?

Business Manager is the perfect tool for you if you:

  • Need more than one ad account
  • Want to request access to pages or ad accounts
  • Have lots of people working together that need page permissions assigned to them
  • Work with a partner or agency

Best of all, it’s free to use.


Benefits of Business Manager and How it Works

Gone are the days of sharing sensitive With Business Facebook Manager you can grant permission to different accounts.login information. When you create a Business Manager account, you’ll first login with your personal Facebook account to verify your identity. Through this tool, your coworkers can see your name and the work email address you provide when you first log in.

None of your personal Facebook profile information is available unless you are Facebook friends with coworkers outside of Business Manager, or have allowed it in your privacy settings. Coworkers can also see all of the ad accounts and pages you have access to in Business Manager.

Once your Business Manager is created, you can assign an admin and send email invitations to others to grant them permission to manage pages, ad accounts, or apps. After an employee leaves your company, an admin in Business Manager should remove them. It is not done automatically. If you work with a partner, Facebook recommends that the client sets up everything in Business Manager as the primary admin and then adds you to the relevant pages or accounts.

An email invitation can be sent to grant this access. As with any evolving technology, Facebook’s Business Manager still has a few kinks to work out. Because the site is set up through a sub-domain and is integrating with Facebook instead of being directly built on the platform, the content loads differently and at a slower pace.

It can be frustrating to work with at times and you may find yourself researching how to navigate it, but the end result will be worth it. Further instruction and tips on how to upgrade to Business Manager here:


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