Fraud Blocker Using Holiday Marketing in Business

Using Holiday Marketing in Business

We have the secret to getting FREE SHIPPING on all your holiday purchases.

Sadly, we don’t actually know how to get you free shipping…but did that statement catch your eye? Good, because this article is about tailoring your marketing strategies for the holidays to catch the eyes of your own customers.

The holidays are the perfect time for your company to go all out with marketing in order to make that last-minute boost to sales. Although most of us assume that holiday marketing is only meant for businesses that sell to everyday consumers (B2C), businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) can benefit just as much.


Incentivize your buyers during holiday marketing. Give Consumers a Reason to Buy.

B2C: It’s no secret that as a society we tend to spend the most money during the holidays. Because of this, the holidays are the perfect time to release promotions that will entice customers to spend their money at your business instead of others. Giving customers a holiday discount, free shipping on a minimum order amount, complimentary gift wrapping options, or a free stocking stuffer with their order may entice them to use your business or spend more money than they originally would have.

B2B: Using promotions and buying incentives work out well for business-to-business suppliers too. Because businesses are given an expenditure budget they have to spend within a fiscal year or risk the budget being reduced the following year, companies look to spend the remaining amount during the holidays. What many companies will do is spend that money on new office equipment or something that employees can benefit from in the workplace. You can capitalize on this spending need by reaching out to businesses and providing merchandise you need to sell and they need to buy in order to use up their expenditure budget. According to Knowledge Tree, “many organizations operate under a ‘use-it-or-lose-it budgeting policy, resulting in a five times increase in expenditure in the final week of the fiscal year versus an average weekly expenditure.”


Holiday marketing involves targeting your messages. Use Targeted Marketing Messages.

B2C: Make sure all the messages you release during the season, including emails, social media ads, and other holiday-themed promotions relay a sense of urgency so that customers feel the need to act now. This will help your message stand out amongst all of the other holiday marketing messages and get the attention of the customer first. Another way to distinguish yourself from the competition is to add a personal touch by using the customer’s name in the email-marketing message you send. This can make customers feel special and will make your message more likely to grab their attention.

Another way to reach consumers is through social media, so keep interest alive in your social media channels with sweepstakes, special social media-only promotions, and fun holiday-themed online contests that encourage interaction. For example, a craft store might encourage its social media followers to post pictures of their holiday DIY projects as part of a contest and then offer the winner a gift certificate they can use for their next project. This gets everyone who follows that store on social media in the holiday spirit and also inspires customers to engage and interact with the store. Customers like having a reason to follow company social media channels and will continue to shop at stores that listen to and reward its followers.

B2B: No matter the type of business, people are looking for year-end deals. Get creative with what you can do to promote the holiday season. If you’re an advertising company, show off a few different versions of seasonal logo designs. If you sell paper, mail your clients holiday thank you cards on different samples of your products. It’s also a good idea to send out an end of the year message to past clients to thank them for their business. While the thank you will be genuine, the message will also serve as a reminder to them of your presence and the services you can provide.

Build relationships during holiday marketing.

Build Relationships.

Lastly, it’s important for both B2B and B2C businesses to build relationships with their clients during this increased purchasing season so you can build loyal clientele. If your customers can shop for your products online, ask for their email during checkout or offer an additional percentage off if they sign up for text alerts. When consumers occasionally get a text or email from your business throughout the year, you’ll have put shopping at your store instantly on their minds. This will keep customers coming back to your business long after the holiday season is over.

Embrace the holidays with your marketing this year and your business will soon reap the benefits.


Madeline Neal is a senior at LSU studying Mass Communication. When she’s not taking selfies with her dog, Emma, you’ll find her at a local bakery eating chocolate chip cookies. In her spare time, she watches reruns of “The Office” and hopes one day to live in New York City.

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