Fraud Blocker LinkedIn for Business Owners
Linkedin for Business Owners

LinkedIn for Business Owners

LinkedIn for Business Owners

When people think of social media, the typical platforms that pop into mind are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking platform. It‘s ideal for business professionals, recruiters, and job applicants due to the professional setting and targeted market.

As a business owner, being on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to grow your professional network, receive recommendations, publish your knowledge, learn from experts in your field, and recruit new talent for your team.



One of the perks of having a LinkedIn account is having the opportunity to grow your professional network. You can reach out to clients, coworkers, employers, and college alumni all on one platform.

On LinkedIn, you “connect” with coworkers, clients, employees, and former classmates to interact with them. This interaction is more professional when compared to other platforms in which you “friend” or “follow” others on a more personal level.

You can connect with as many people as you’d like to, but you typically connect only with people with whom you’ve done business with or have met.

It’s also necessary to know that LinkedIn gives others a notification every time their profiles are looked at, so keep that in mind when checking out the competition or researching a potential business partner.


Skills/Recommendations:You can endorse people for skills on LinkedIn

Not only can your connections like and share the content you post, but they can also endorse you for skills you possess and leave a recommendation on your page.

If you are proficient in certain software programs, tasks, or other skills required for your job, listing them on your profile will allow your connections to endorse you for them. Getting endorsed for your skills can increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your profile page when people search your name on Google.

If you have a good rapport with a past client you’ve done work for, ask them to leave a recommendation on your page to vouch for your professionalism and services. This will give potential clients who look at your profile a better idea of who you are and the quality of work they will receive when they hire you.


Publish Content:

LinkedIn is a website to showcase your accomplishments, education, and professional interests. This isn’t Facebook, which means you don’t have to share photos from your family barbecue with your clients and coworkers. On LinkedIn, you can instead publish blog articles with beneficial content or share links to projects you’ve completed.

Your connections are notified each time you post, and your network can like, comment, or share your published content, expanding your network. Potential clients will also see the content showcasing your expertise and be more likely to trust you and engage in commerce with your company.

Eighty two percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, and 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful and makes consumers more likely to take action.


Learn From the Pros:

You can choose to “follow” LinkedIn Influencers (CEOs of companies that inspire you, founders of corporations, etc.) to learn more specific information.

As stated on LinkedIn’s website, “LinkedIn Influencers are selected by invitation only and comprise a global collective of 500+ of the world’s foremost thinkers, leaders, and innovators. As leaders in their industries and geographies, they discuss newsy and trending topics.”

While you cannot apply to be an Influencer because of the invitation-only process, you can follow them to receive engaging content.

Besides following highly accomplished individuals’ profiles, you can also follow company channels on LinkedIn. You’ll receive any content and status updates the company chooses to share with its network on your homepage feed. Just like on other social media channels, you can comment, like, or share any information that appears in your feed.


Recruit Talent for Your Team:LinkedIn can be used to recruit employees

LinkedIn is basically a recruiter’s dream. Do you want to reach out to potential candidates as a recruiter, but can’t because you don’t know their email? LinkedIn makes this easy. On each member’s profile, you have the opportunity to see his or her email, resume, profile, portfolio, and connections you may have in common, all in one place.

You can easily access the cover letters, online portfolios, and resumes of any candidates you think may be a good fit for your business by simply visiting their LinkedIn profile page.

If you don’t already have candidates in mind and would like to post a job opening online for a broader scope of applicants, you can do that too.

By using the job-posting feature on the site, you can let professionals in the field know that you are hiring. Candidates can apply directly through the website, giving you access to their profiles, resume, portfolio, and the opportunity to message them directly.

If your candidate has references from previous employers or coworkers already listed on their profile, you can potentially avoid making reference phone calls because someone is already vouching for that candidate.

If you’re looking for a social platform where you can connect with business professionals, former classmates, and potential job candidates all in one place, LinkedIn is the platform for you.


Madeline Neal is a senior at LSU studying Mass Communication. When she’s not taking selfies with her dog, Emma, you’ll find her at a local bakery eating chocolate chip cookies. In her spare time, she watches reruns of “The Office” and hopes one day to live in New York City.

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