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Product Video Production

Show Off Your Products Like Never Before

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?

Spoiler – it’s a lot. And we have the numbers to back that up. 73% of consumers that watch product videos will make a purchase. Well-made product videos will improve your sales, increase brand recognition, and help you dominate your market.

So, what’s product video production worth to you? Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your project.

Premier Product Video Production Services

Producing a fantastic product video that engages your audience is an involved process. From lighting and set dressing to videography and editing, our video production team leverages years of experience and cutting-edge technology to create memorable product videos that act as sensational sales pieces for your company.

As an experienced video production company, we handle every aspect of your product video, from pre-production processes like scripting to post-production processes like adding music or color grading. Whether your product is a small home-good item or something huge like an RV, Catapult is the product video production agency to help you highlight your product, engage your audience, and grow your company.

Show Off Your Products in Action with Product Videography

Not all product videos are made equal. Depending on your product, where you sell, and your market, some types of product videos will perform better than others. At Catapult, we understand how (and where) to best advertise your products and which style of product video production will work best.

Product video production can greatly influence your consumers and help move them from clicking the back button to emphatically clicking the “add to cart” button. And don’t forget; you can use your product video anywhere to get more traction, from social media to YouTube, the more eyes on your video, the better. Get the results you want with Catapult – ask about our product video services for a free quote.

Types of product videos we produce:

Benefits Demonstration
Product Videos for Amazon
Animated Videos

Types of product videos we produce:

  • Features
  • Benefits Demonstration
  • Instructional
  • Lifestyle
  • Animated Videos
  • Product Videos for Amazon

Our Satisfied Clients

close up of a drill boring a hole in metal
Scientific Systems logo, product video production client of Catapult
front facade of Royal Treatment pet grooming salon
Royal Treatment logo, product video production client of Catapult
side facade of a skyscraper
Jon James logo, product video production client of Catapult
Don’t wait for your competition to make all the sales. Call our offices today to discuss your product, your business, and what you hope to achieve with product video production. Our video team will produce product videos that get you results and put your competitors to shame. Call us today and receive a free quote.

And if you’re looking for another video to pair with your product video, like a brand video for your company or a testimonial video to persuade customers even more, then we have you covered there too. Talk to us about all your video needs.

Dominate Your Market with Product Video Production

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