Social Media’s Model Mix

The Model Mix for Social Media 

I was recently following a company’s social media account and found myself bored and disinterested in all of their posts. Why was that?  Aren’t companies supposed to engage their customers by posting interesting content?

I saw the same thing over and over again, and not just for a few days, I’m talking months. The company’s social media account was monotonous and uninteresting because they were not following social media’s rule of thirds.

The social media rule states that 1/3 of your content should be promoting your business, 1/3 should be promoting your industry and 1/3 should be interactions with your followers. Let’s break this down a little further and make sure everything is crystal clear.

1/3 Should be Promoting Your BusinessSocialMediaMix-Phone

This third should be the easiest to fulfill. It’s so easy you might end up always coming back to this category. You know your business inside and out, and there’s always the temptation to post about yourself because it’s what you know. It’s expected for you to post about yourself and promote your business as long as this isn’t the only thing you post.

If you only post about yourself, your social media will start looking like a commercial, and most people don’t like watching commercials, it’s why the DVR was invented. This third includes sharing your blogs, updates for your business, office achievements, and anything about you, your employees and your company.

1/3 Should be Promoting Your Industry

This third is usually hard for businesses to employ, but we’re going to make it simple. It can be easy if you follow the news of your industry. This third encompasses posting about your passions and expertise, but sourcing it from others. This might be news about your industry, or a blog someone else wrote that you found interesting.

These types of posts gives your followers new sources to look into and gives you credibility by showing you listen to what is going on around you. It also promotes others in your industry which will encourage them to do the same for you.

1/3 Should be Interacting with Your FollowersSocialMediaMix-SocialApps

The last third can be easy to ignore, but can be the most rewarding as well. This third is about interacting with your followers by answering questions, reposting what they say or share with you and asking your followers questions. This third is what makes social media social and encourages interaction and loyalty with your company.

If followers know you’re listening to them, they’re more likely to keep coming back. Interacting with your followers can give you a lot of great insight as well.

No more blissful ignorance for your company now that you know there’s a rule for social media.  Combining all three aspects of this rule will create a more successful marketing strategy for your company’s social media.


Meredith Kisow is a senior at LSU majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in public relations. Meredith enjoys reading in her spare time. 

Work with Catapult Creative Media Inc. Catapult Creative Media Inc. is a digital marketing and design agency serving clients over the United States but is proud to call Baton Rouge, Louisiana home. Founded in 2007, Catapult provides digital, social and mobile marketing solutions backed by relevant strategy and measurable results. Catapult works the web to their clients’ advantage, launching them to their next level of success.

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