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6 Biggest SEO Blog Mistakes

SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

Avoid the 6 Biggest SEO Mistakes for Your Blog

Developing an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your company blog will make it easier for potential readers to find it. You can use many SEO techniques to get your blog ranked highly on Google, but you must also stay clear of the biggest SEO blog mistakes. Knowing what to avoid could prevent your blog from being penalized.

Readers will choose your blog over a competing blog once you learn how to avoid the biggest SEO mistakes. Wielding this power will get your blog ranked higher on search engines, which means potential readers are more likely to click on your blog than your competitors. So, to avoid getting pushed to page 87 on the search engine results and get a leg up on the competition, here are six of the biggest blog SEO mistakes you do not want to commit.

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Mistake #1: Not Doing Keyword Research

If you start writing without conducting keyword research, you are making a big SEO mistake for your blog. You need to conduct keyword research to determine if users are searching for your topic online. If there is significant interest in the topic you want to write about, you can organically gain traffic as your blog has information your readers want.

To avoid this big SEO mistake for your blog, make sure you target search terms with sufficient search volume. Also, make sure you aren’t targeting search terms that are too competitive. If you are trying to rank for a search term that multiple companies have successfully ranked for, then your attempt could be drowned out by the rest.

A good rule of thumb to avoid this big SEO blog mistake is to write for a variety of topics and use relevant, specific keywords and variations. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for people looking for your content to find it.

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Mistake #2: Not Writing for Humans AND Search Engines

When writing blog copy for SEO, you need to write for both people and search engines. To avoid this big SEO blog mistake, write engaging copy that captures attention and follows SEO guidelines so search engines can find and index your blog.

One important factor in writing for search engines is the number of times a keyword appears in your blog, otherwise known as keyword density. You want to include the keyword enough times in key places to give search engines a good indication of what your blog is about. If your keyword density is too low, search engines won’t know what the focus of your content is, and if it is too high, it may look like you’re trying to game the system.

Mistake #3: Keyword StuffingNot optimizing icons is one of the biggest SEO mistakes for a blog

While focusing on keyword density is good advice, a big SEO blog mistake you could make is repeating your keyword phrase too often, otherwise known as keyword stuffing. If your keyword density is higher than 5%, Google could think you’re trying to cheat the optimization game.

As Google gets more sophisticated with its keyword tracking abilities, it will detect when you are keyword stuffing more quickly. Once they detect foul play, Google could penalize your blog and remove it from search engine results pages altogether.

Also, think of your readers. If they are reading the keyword constantly, it can create frustration which might cause them to leave your blog and never return. So, keyword stuffing is a no-go and is a big SEO blog mistake that should be avoided at all costs.

Mistake #4: Unoptimized Videos and Images

Because copy is the bread and butter of your blog, it makes sense to optimize it. But it isn’t the only thing you should optimize. If you use video and images in your blog posts, you need to optimize them too. Many blog writers will miss this, but you should avoid making this big SEO blog mistake.

Be sure you’re optimizing media in your blog by adding a caption, title text, and alt text. Adding your keyword into the media’s caption, title, and alt text will make it easier for Google to discern what the media is about and make it more discoverable in search – but remember, don’t stuff your keyword.

Mistake #5: Incorrectly Using H TagsNot using H tags is one of the biggest SEO mistakes for a blog

If you aren’t using heading tags, otherwise known as H tags, you are making a big SEO mistake in your blog. H tags are an important SEO ranking factor, and you should be using H tags for headings in your post.

Headings aren’t just a great way to divide your blog into easily digestible sections; they are also a great place to plug in your keyword. To avoid a big SEO blog mistake, use H tags to your advantage.

Mistake #6: Buying and Selling Backlinks

Backlinks from other high-quality websites that direct users to your blog posts are a great way to boost your blog’s SEO ranking. However, you need to gather backlinks naturally. A big SEO blog mistake you need to avoid is the practice of buying or selling backlinks.

If you buy backlinks, you are violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and could receive a penalty. That penalty could result in a demotion in Google’s search results or complete removal.

This type of practice aligns with black-hat SEO tactics, which results in severe punishment from Google if caught. So, if you do not want your blog to be demoted or removed from Google’s search results entirely, avoid this big SEO blog mistake.

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